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Darren Criss will be joining us at G4 next month! He’ll be attending on the Friday and Saturday, and taking part in the meet and greet, photo session, Q&A and performing a special acoustic set on the Saturday night.

This is a very rare appearance for Darren, so I hope that you’ll be joining us at G4 next month !

Ready for G4 ?!

Join us as we celebrate GLEE for the fourth year running at STARFURY: G4, and this time we’re adding in the incredibly popular TEAM STARKID! 
After the success of G1, G2 and G3, Starfury is holding another unofficial three day convention for fans of GLEE and TEAM STARKID! Featuring:

  • guest talks
  • photo and autograph sessions
  • competitions
  • parties
  • and much more

18-20 July 2014 at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow

Guests :

Darren Criss, Becca Tobin, Max Adler, Curt Mega, Joey Richter, Jeff Blim, Brant Cox, Joe Moses, Dylan Saunders and Brian Rosenthal ! 

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