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Don’t you hate it when that happens

this one time we were all over at a friends flat and got wasted and i mean like really completely wasted and when we woke up the next day there stood a fucking ikea shelve in the middle of the room my friend had bought it half a year before but never had the motivation to build it so apparently during that night we built an ikea shelf and to this day none of us can remember doing so

what-would-meredith-do asked:

Hey so I've noticed you guys have been getting involved in a lot of improv lately & and I absolutely love it!! Any possibly of a Starkid improv run kinda like what you guys did with a4b & 123ever?? Except, you know, improv instead of sketch??


Hey, thanks for noticing! Not everybody does improv at the moment, but it’s definitely a lot of fun!  Since not everyone is into it, it’s unlikely we’d do a whole improv tour/show, but more sketch stuff is definitely possible!

wizardoftheyear7timesin7years asked:

Is it possible that you will be releasing some of the Late Night Starkid shows on YouTube too, or will it just be Trail and Ani?


If the Late Night shows are released on youtube, it will be the decision of the producers of said Late Night show.  For those performances, StarKid acted more like a venue, supporting with box office help, staff, and, of course, the SPACE!  So it’s up to them!

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